What sort of company is Felirat Reklám Műhely?

Our company was started by the founder-owner, Péter Varga (Mechanical Engineer and Industrial Alpinist) in 1992 as a private company. Our advertising tool maker small company became an Ltd. in 1997, and can be found in the location of Pinnyéd district, just a few minutes drive from downtown Győr. Here we materialize any kind of idea regarding promotional materials, interior design and metal works.
Our main activity is manufacturing and assembling unique letter boxes and illuminated signs and large format printing and designing. We also manufacture car decoration, exhibition stands and installations, corporate portals, board systems, project signage, print products and advertising publications. Our interior design business section can carry out any concept, from wall decorations to unique furniture units.
Over the past more than two decades we have established our name with our metal works in the industry. Major manufacturers in the region turn to us when they need metal structures, metal components or other services with respect to metal processing.
The reason for our stable market presence is the fact that we are able to control the above projects in their entirety, which includes the following:
  • Precise measurement of the claims
  • Creative thinking together with the client
  • Precise and fast planning
  • Professional execution using only high quality raw materials
  • Placement of works if required, mounting and warranty repair
Our experienced colleagues supported by a creative design office, modern equipment, complete locksmith are guarantee for the perfect results. Our references and acknowledgements show that we are dominant players of the market thanks to our professional and technical background.
We are proud that through our work we contribute to our partners’ professional and market successes; but rest assured, we will not sit back satisfied. Ongoing creativity, innovation and continuous development are part of our everyday life. We strive to satisfy the needs of our new and future clients fast and flexibly in the name of correctness and the highest quality possible. Our clients can look at us as a long-term partner, to whom they can turn both with concrete objectives or basic ideas.
We hope that our references are convincing for you and soon we can carry out your ideas together.
Best Regards,
Felirat Reklám Műhely Team



"I recommend the Felirat because there will be ensured presice and high quality performances. The team is kind and helpful. Short terms are halted as well. Their strength is the high quality." (Ádám KISS, Marclean Ltd.)
"I suggest Felirat everybody who would like to advertise of the highest niveau. The Felirat has a profi, cooperative and polite crew." (Béla LACHMANN, Lachmann Anno 1886 Ltd.)
"Everything was correct executed by Felirat." (Attila DANKÓ, Lambda Systeme Ltd.)
"Rapid solutions and feed-backs. Open communication. The best ideas and suggestions. High quality materials and the highest performance." (Ákos ZSIGA, RWA Magyarország Ltd.)
"We would recommend the Felirat especially for complete commissions and signages because of the excellent quality in producing and executing." (Team of Éltex Ltd.)

producing of high standard by using of quality materials
continuative, technical innovation
correct business running, broad costumer base

25 years practise in the advertising tools making

worth seeing and customers's needs meeting solutions, flexibility
own producing-background
long-standing guarantee for the executed work

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